Interceptive (early phase) Orthodontic Treatment

Interceptive treatment is for our younger patients that are still a few years away from having all of their adult teeth erupted; typically younger than 10 years old. It is undertaken in specific cases to correct or improve a developing problem that, if left untreated, would become more difficult to correct later.

Interceptive treatment is usually limited in focus and objectives, and not meant to correct comprehensive problems that are more appropriately treated closer to full adult teeth eruption. Examples of this type of treatment include, widening a narrow upper jaw bone, redirection of impacting adult teeth, improvement of severe crowding, maintenance of space from early loss of baby teeth, or cessation of habits such as thumb sucking.

Dr. Weaver recommends an orthodontic evaluation be completed on children around age 7 to determine the need for interceptive treatment. Remember Dr. Weaver’s rhyme: 8 may be great, but 7 is better.

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